Red Clay Courts Are Open

Clay courts are NOW available to rent :

$24/hour for members
$30/hour for non-members + daily guest fee

Just in time for the French Open finals! Are you ready to elevate your tennis game and experience the surface at the French Open? Discover the unmatched benefits of playing on our red clay courts at XS Tennis, the only facility in the Chicagoland area offering red clay.

Why Red Clay?

Enhanced Slide Control: Embrace the smooth sliding experience that allows you to reach challenging shots with greater ease and precision.

Longer Rallies: Enjoy strategic, endurance-based play with the slower pace of red clay, perfect for those who relish prolonged rallies and thoughtful shot placement.

Improved Spin: The textured surface of red clay enhances the effect of spin, making your topspin and slice shots more effective and challenging for your opponents to return.

Injury Prevention: The softer, more forgiving surface of red clay reduces the impact on your joints, helping to prevent injuries and ensuring a player-friendly experience.