Racket Sales & Customization

The XS Pro Shop will now be offering rackets for sale at discounted prices for XS members. We will specialize in Solinco and Wilson rackets. Other major lines including Babolat, Head, Yonex, and Tecnifibre can also be odered.


We currently only have Solinco rackets for demo. Solinco has two high-quality lines of player’s rackets: Whiteout and Blackout. Both of these are excellent rackets for advanced junior as well as adult players.


In addition, we will be offering racket matching and customization. Even when you purchase two rackets that are the same brand and model, they can vary in weight and balance. The most important variable for playability is swing-weight. This is a combination of both static weight and racket balance. Higher swing-weights impart more force to the ball. Adjustments of swing-weight through strategic placement of lead tape can optimize your racket for your style of play.

Contact our stringer, David Kerbow, directly at 773-412-3248 (text or cell) for additional information:

Discuss racket options and prices

Schedule demo rackets

Explore matching/customization of your rackets