Here are a few Ways to Get involved

Make a Donation

We are relying on individual, corporate, and community support to build, maintain, and operate the XS Tennis Village. Whether you are a Grassroots Supporter who can donate $25, an individual who can Buy-A-Brick for $500, or a corporation purchasing Naming Rights to the stadium court, we need and appreciate your commitment. It takes a village to build one, and every single supporter makes a difference!

Your CONTRIBUTIONS support XSTEF by helping us to reduce the cost of tennis for youth in our community who may otherwise not have the opportunity to play tennis consistently.

Become a Member

An adult membership at XSTEF is just $45 per month. That’s only $540 a year. Your support as a member contributes to our earned revenue, which is used to reduce the cost of tennis to underserved youth. It also enables us to engage more closely with you by offering you access to our facility.

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Become a Hitting Partner

XSTEF is looking for ways to increase the number of hours our students spend on the tennis court. Support this cause by signing up to hit with our youth at mutually convenient times

Serve on our Associates Board or Parental / Member Advisory Councils

XSTEF is looking to activate the energy of our members and local community. We have many opportunities for volunteers to help execute strategic projects, increase awareness of XSTEF, and assist with fundraising opportunities

Become a Tournaments and Events Volunteer/Coordinator

XSTEF hosts or facilitates a number of events per year. We need volunteers to help structure and execute these events to ensure our guests enjoy their XSTEF experience

Naming Rights & Master Club

There are a number of Naming Rights opportunities still available, including naming a tennis court, gym wing, or the entire facility. Please use the contact Kamau Murray at for more information.